Slogan Tees? How about Voting Tees.

Other | Saturday 8th October 2016 | Jessica

THTC, ranked as Ethical Consumer magazine's 'most ethical menswear label', will be recognisable from the parties full of smokin’ beats they have thrown in celebration of their hemp clothing line. And from their clothing line seen on the fronts of musicians like The Scribes, DJ Switch, Ed Sheeran and actor Danny Dyer.

Back in July, on the THTC blog, Ashwin Bolar, addressed some controversy kicked up by Daily Mail over Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign t-shirt supposedly being made by ‘slave labour’. A little fashion investigation had turned up questionable practice in of one of the companies in the chain of Corbyn Campaign cotton wear. Ashwin ended his blog with a suggestion… this Run DMC inspired t-shirt printed with moral consciousness by THTC



THTC’s CORBYN design and the Ashwin’s retort got the attention of Corbyn and the Momentum movement around his grassroots campaign. A fashionable and political partnership was formed. Sales from the T-shirt went to support and, no doubt, helped JC succeed in beating back his attackers and affirming his leadership role.


It hasn’t stopped there. £5.00 from the sale of each Corbyn top still goes to the Momentum Movement, which now exists to build on the energy and enthusiasm that the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign generated. It will surely be used to grow participation, solidarity and power in a growing grassroots democracy.


For the recent Labour Conference, THTC manufactured and printed The World Transformed swag - watch for these T’s and bags to be available on the THTC website soon... along with another Corbyn design currently being negotiated with another top design artist.

CEO of THTC, Gav Lawson, intends to continue to glamourise the movement, and Corbyn as a leader.



THTC’s Partners-for-Change is an initiative to help consumers protect the environment with their purchases. Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) approached THTC about a collaboration with Gary Hodges -  graphic artist, environmentalist and animal rights advocate - and Gary pledged one his most popular pencil drawings to a line of men’s and women’s organic cotton and white hemp t-shirts. The EIA now benefit directly from 25% of the sales of this line.


The other elephant in the room - or, hopefully, in The Corridor is for King David.  THTC’s David Attenborough t-shirts were selling really well -- so, to give back, they approached his favourite charity to donate to World Land Trust (WLT) protection of the Mudahalli Corridor, a key migratory path for the Indian Elephant.


Resident artist MauMau made this one - modelled here by Professor Benjamin Zephaniah.Zephaniah - Elephant Corridor.jpg

Their political leanings are not just personal. THTC’s promise to print on hemp has been compromised by Brexit and the falling pound. Hemp is sold in dollars and as that currency rises, its use becomes unsustainable… if you believe in this material, then shout it from your chest.


More appeals and partnerships are upcoming.