Beyond Your Average Trash

Indie | Monday 19th September 2016 | Alice

We met with Dan, Tom, Brad and Evan of Trash at the Lock Tavern before they truly blew the roof off their set. Supported by Honey Moon and House Plants, Trash nailed their headline set with a packed out venue. The boys are young, and are bringing a fresh attitude and outlook to the music industry with an array of indie tracks. We settled in the outside area of the Lock Tavern and began to discuss their introduction onto the music scene.

How did the band form?

We are from Chesterfield, which is the first fact. Me (Dan), Bradley and Evan went to secondary school together although we were in three different years. Tom then joined the band. Brads 21, Evans about to turn 19, I’m 19 and Tom just turned 19 at Leeds festival of the Friday. A big fairy tale, where both schools joined. I guess we met over the mutual love of music.

You signed to Clue Records. Tell me about the lead up to signing and the opportunities it has brought? 

It’s quite a nice story. Basically, it was never meant to happen because we booked in to record our EP and it got cancelled last minute. We then recorded elsewhere and signed a pr contract with Clue Records and from there it turned into us signing to Clue Record. It’s given us a lot of opportunities, including promotion, we’ve gone from just being a Sheffield based band to a band recognised in further places like Leeds. They are great with communication with us and so clearly care about making the effort to see us and check how we are doing which not all bands get from their labels.

Is there a new EP in the Pipeline? Tell me about the EP and the anticipation of the release and its expectations.

We are releasing a single from it this year, but the EP next year. Compared to the last ones we feel it’s completely different, it’s going to be self titled as ‘Trash’. It going to have 5 songs, which represent who we are. It’s not our debut EP as we have others out but it feels like a reinvention. We’ve been working upto this moment and have spent a lot of time and money prepping for it. For once we actually said we needed to produce another one. Dan brought in a new song around every three weeks so it came together pretty quickly and organically. There was never a point when we felt that we needed a last song or anything. However there is always something to be worked on but we never struggled with content.

I guess we are hoping by the time it comes out there will be anticipation from fans. But you can’t really get lost in that as if we are proud of it that’s what matters, you have to occasionally keep to yourself. We are at an age now where we understand more about the press and distribution. We are going to get a campaign that’s best for us that can reach so many people. We don’t want to release an EP that come and that’s gone.

How was performing at Y Not fest and Leeds?

It was a great summer, we had built a relationship with the organiser of YNot over the past few years as he’s based in Derby that is positive and it has built and built. Leeds was an incredible opportunity and we were thrilled to be asked.

You performed an Instrumental set at Tramlines 2015, what led to that?

We were due to play Tramlines. Dan woke up the next morning and couldn’t speak to us at all. No voice. We didn’t want to quit so we said nothing and went. It’s better to attempt something than to quit. It went well! It was nice to hear each other’s parts, which you can’t always hear. It’s not until there’s no vocals that you realise how much it strings things together. The crowd took it well and Evan had a go at singing bits.

Tell me about your writing process?

When you do it for so long it is just natural. I (Dan) started doing these cringey gigs in Chesterfield and Tom would come watch. A few years later the songs had progressed. The music and final product is normally different to what is originally in Dan’s head. I’ll perhaps demo something and then Evan may say that’s great but we could add or change something for example. We always end with a collective output.


Pic by April Arabella Collins

Tell me about some of the people you’ve worked with?

Clue Records are obviously people we want to thank. There’s been a lot of people so we don’t really want to miss anyone out. James Hill who produced our first single that was incredible and gave us a lot of advice.

 What do you enjoy most about shows or festivals? Which one would you pick?

We love festivals, but at the same time shows people tend to want to watch you. That’s a hard question, as we would want both. At Ynot we got treated so well and playing there was an incredible experience!

What have you learnt about the industry, or what good advice would you give?

I guess the phrase, ‘Don’t wait until it’s right’. We had no idea when we were 16 and we put a song out. If we had spent two years writing it we wouldn’t be as far ahead as we are today. For us we’ve learned and progressed by releasing material. We aren’t a manufactured band who hasn’t put out anything and are flying above. We’ve worked our way up, which has been great!


Trash's performance at the Lock Tavern was electric, mirroring their postive attitudes towards their future and the industry they have entered. With such catchy melodies and the band already being so memorable it is clear that the boys will go far. With so many shows and tracks already under their belt it is sure their following is set to grow in no time at all.



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