Light at end of the tunnel in digging for diamonds

Other | Thursday 15th September 2016 | Kat

Silicon Valley is not a place you would usually associate with obtaining one of the world's most precious gems. Diamond Foundry however have made it their home, and are making it their mission to disrupt the global diamond mining industry by bringing man-made diamonds into the public eye!
After raising more than $100 million in funding and with Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor and many obstacles overcome, they are ready to go big-time.
To make the finished product, a small amount of mined diamond is grown in a super-hot plasma reactor. Diamond Foundry are now hoping to stand out from their competitors as they have reduced the process time significantly.
They are aiming to grab a slice of the market of the ethically minded diamond buyers who really do want to see a change in the way they are obtained. Having sold out outline they are now looking at working with some of the top designers and retailers in the industry.
With diamond supplies in mines thought to be running low, this could play an important role in the future of gem production and could make make diamonds a far better friend for more people in years to come. Who even knows what other industries the same concept could be applied to?