Eatbrain have a huge album from MachineCode

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 30th August 2016 | Arren

Some big, nasty, stinkin bass.

The Mechtropolis album is the latest sounds from Current Value and Dean Rodell's collaborative project. The pair have constructed a rough 16 tracked trip across all things heavy and dark. It goes in hard from the outset and rarely takes it's foot off the accelerator.

To be honest we shouldn't expect any less from these two, especially as the album is out on the European machine Eatbrain. Intense, multi-layed sound engineering and atomic drops are pulled off each and every time. Does it get boring? Does it fuck!

It may be a techy, neurofunk rampage, but it's one that's filled with creativity and a lust to create something new - as Eatbrain worded it 'birthing the dawn of the machine age, and giving the freedom these basic organisms required, releasing them from the torment of the human condition'.

The duo's Mechtroplis is a heavy piece of work, definitely one for the neurofunk heads. Once again Eatbrain, you've smashed it!

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