Why are the mainstream media so scared of Corbyn?

Other | Tuesday 30th August 2016 | Arren

For someone who is so 'unelectable' the media find any excuse to bash the current Labour leader.

If you base your opinions on what you've read and heard in the mainstream UK press then you'd probably be under the impression that Jeremy Corbyn has been a disaster for the Labour party and is on a slippery slope out from the parties leadership. You'd also be a fool. 

He's supposedly unelectable, so why have the media have pumped some much time and effort into staining his credibility? Of course, it isn't a new thing for the press to attack people in the public eye, though in Corbyn's case the media have been relentless and ruthless in their rhetoric about him - with the intention only to destabilise his position, not to question his policies. 

This was something highlighted in an open letter to The Guardian recently. Signed by over 100 media academics, it stated that 'Corbyn has been treated from the start as a problem to be solved rather than as a politician to be taken seriously.' 

There is plenty of evidence supporting this too, last year in Corbyn's first week as Labour leader the Media Reform Coalition analysed a total of 494 media pieces about him. They discovered 60% took a negative standpoint, with only 13% being positive in what they described as the press trying to 'systemically undermine Jeremy Corbyn'. 

This trend has continued and in his time as Labour leader Jeremy has been labelled many things including a liar, a terrorist sympathiser, even a danger to the UK's national security. His ideas also get attacked, usually aligned with phases like 'hardcore' and 'far left' despite thousands of people agreeing with them. 

So why have the media whipped up so much fear? Perhaps it's because for the first time in a long time we actually have a left wing Labour leader who will actually stand up for the little guys. A leader who actually who will actually close the tax loops, a leader who actually wants to have nationalised services that will run for the people and not profit. 

Fortunately many people have seen through the media's bullshit, in reality Corbyn stands strong with a dedicated following. There is no reason why Corbyn cannot win the leadership contest, that's just what they want you to think...