Protesters throw beach party at French embassy

Other | Thursday 25th August 2016 | Arren

Protesters threw a beach party outside the French embassy in response to the controversial 'burkini ban'. 

Demonstrators descended on the French embassy for an impromptu beach party that was complete with sand, lilos, decks-chairs and of course, burkini's. 

The protest was a stand against France's scandalous 'burkini ban' that has started being enforced across coastal regions in France. So far it's reported that 16 women have been fined after the legislation was passed. 

The beach party came just a day after images went viral online showing a Muslim women in Nice allegedly being forced to remove parts of her outfit by armed police officers. Public outcry exploded after the they surfaced online with the hashtag #WearWhatYouWant. 

One of the organisers of the party, Fariah Syed told that 'the ban on burkinis, to us, contradicts all those values that France claims to uphold - liberty, equality, and fraternity. If a women is free to expose her body, why isn't she free to cover it up?' 

The ban on full length body suits is an obvious infringement on Muslim women's freedom of expression. The deputy mayor of Nice said that removing the burkini's from beaches was a 'necessity' following the horrific terrorist attack on July 14th. 

The problem here is, the French authorities are actually creating more of a void between Muslims and the rest of French society. Alienating their freedom of expression whilst allowing that freedom to everyone else will only serve the hands of Islamic terrorism. The ban cannot be seen as anything other than misogyny and Islamophobic, at a time when French national unity is paramount. 

Meanwhile in Scotland, their police force has allowed the Hijab to be optional in their uniform policy, progress for some at least?