Selling studio equipment to Roni & Krust to working on Reprazent | Exclusive with D Product

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 17th August 2016 | Arren

Full Cycle's revival has revived one of their old artists, D Product.

This original drum & bass producer was a staple at Full Cycle in the old days - and now he's returned with them with a huge EP.

After meeting Roni and Krust at a music store selling them studio equipment, the Bristol producer joined up with their crew. He was a vital part of the Full Cycle family - performing at Full Cycle residencies across Europe, working on one of the Reprazent albums whilst regular dropping heavy releases for them.

With such a rich history in drum & bass and with Full Cycle we wanted to chat with him and see what's going down right now.

Hey man, how are you?
All good very good, and you ?

All good thanks, so what was your first thought this morning?
Is he, the baby, going back to sleep?

How's your summer been? Been up to much?
It's been a good summer so far, I’ve been enjoying playing out. Secret Garden Party was a highlight to say the least, what a festival!

What an amazing festival, read what happened when Guestlist went down to the Secret Garden Party.

That was a Guestlist favourite too! We saw you were also at Bristol's Love Saves The Day, how was that?
Love Saves The Day was great! It was a amazing playing up in the Arcadia Afterburner.

Did you catch any good sets will you were there?
Unfortunately I had to leave fairly quick after my set.

Ahh man that sucks! So you've just dropped a banging new EP on Full Cycle, The Chronos Circuit. How did this project come about?
I’ve been working hard in the studio doing what I do. Roni & Krust had been playing the tracks and they were going down well. It all just fell into place really, together with the relaunch of Full Cycle - the timing could not have been better.

You did quite a few pieces for the original Full Cycle, how does it feel to be part of the new one?
It's not like I really ever left, I feel privileged to have one of the first release on the relaunched label though.

You also did a lot of material for Bryan Gee's V; how did you start working with them?
Bryan and Frost always get my tunes they’ve had my back from day one.

All your productions landed you residencies at Fabric and Ancienne Belgique in Belgium too.
It was a Full Cycle residency, I was lucky enough to play every time!

What was the residency in Belgium like, did you travel over each time?
Belgium is cool I love it there, it's only an hour and a bit flight and the Ancienne Belgique is one of my favourite venues. The system is amazing and the in house catering is 5 star. They know how to party it always went off till the early hours.

The huge venue, Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. 

You've known Roni & Krust for years right? When did you first meet them?
I was working in a music shop selling keyboards and samplers etc. They used to buy their studio equipment from me.

Nice! What was it that you liked about them?
I had been listening to their music for years, they were one of the reasons I started making music in the first place.

So starting to produce listening to them, you went on to work with them on the second Reprazent album and then went on the tour! What was that like?
I love studio life but touring is a favourite. It's great being on the road and now I’m performing on those big stages it’s something else. You miss your loved ones and it's exhausting all the travel but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Any stand out moments from the Reprazent tour?
Main stage headlining at Exit Festival in Belgrade was amazing. That is a big, big stage and a big crowd. Saying that, every gig is a highlight looking back. We are so lucky to do what we do.

You're from Bristol, you still there now?
Born and bred Bristol, still here.

What is the worst job you have ever done?
Saturday job in a butchers when I was 15.

What are you most in love with right now?
My new family.

If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be?
Haribo, apples, and cheese.

Who would be in your ultimate band?
Dave Grohl on drums and backing vocals. Redman and Mary J Blige on the main vocals. Jaco Pastorius on bass and Nile Rodgers on guitar with Dre and myself on the production.

Something you have to do before you die, which you have not yet done?
Put the above band together.

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