Mura Masa Making Movements

Other | Monday 15th August 2016 | Lucy

If you haven’t heard of Mura Masa, then one, get out of that hole you’re living in, and two, be sure to credit us for introducing you to his sweet music.

20 year old Alex Crossan, better known as Mura Masa, is from the small channel Island Guernsey, but unlike his homeplace, his tunes are big. Signed to his own label Anchor Point Records, Mura Masa has been producing tunes from the age of 16, and has collaborated with UK vocalists Nao and Bonzai.


The beautiful instrumentals and soulful vocals give off an almost magical vibe, but the bass is still there to make everyone lose their shit. It's the perfect mixture. He has sold out venues across his UK tour last year and has toured North American.


Diplo spotted Mura Masa and gave him an hour long mix on Diplo and friends, a mix you should now go and give a listen. Watch out for Mura Masa in 2016, big movements for sure!

Mura Masa - Firefly ft. Nao

Mura Masa- What If I Go?