Patta x Oneman x XOYO

Other | Thursday 7th July 2016 | Christina

Dutch streetwear label Patta has joined forces with Oneman for a special collaborative project for his Thirteen Weeks residency at XOYO.

Oneman has garnered an indisputable reputation for his ability to blend genres and make you want to dance. His eight-year stretch on London institution Rinse RM recently culminated in the broadcast of his 400th show - reflecting his history with the station, Oneman has lined up some very special dates within his thirteen weeks with a retrospective look into four seminal genres; dubstep, grime, UK funky and garage.

Both deeply rooted in the music scene Patta co-founder Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt saw this venture with Oneman as the perfect partnership, "We at Patta like to do things at the highest is one of our great passions. With this in the back of our minds, working together with Oneman to create something for 13 weeks was a no brainer.”

The striking t-shirt features the definitive ‘Patta’ graphic on the front in rich red, and on the back chronicles the seminal names of this residency. While the tee won’t be available to purchase, there will be various giveaways across the course of the forthcoming thirteen weeks to make it an even great prize.
‘Thirteen Weeks, Oneman’ runs every Friday at XOYO until 23rd September. Get tickets here