MotherJam presents Changing Seasons

Indie | Sunday 12th June 2016 | Renée-Láuren

It had been a fairly busy day at work, I was absolutely shattered. So when I hit the traffic on the A12 to Chelmsford, feelings of regret started sinking in. What was I doing going to a gig when I could be in bed right now? But as soon as I arrived all doubt fell away. 

The venue was nice and cosy. Some dangerously low ceilings posed a risk for certain members of the bands but nobody knocked themselves out (this time). The venue was split into two rooms, one where the band played and another with the bar and some cosy sofa’s to hang out between bands which added a lovely atmosphere.

First on stage (I say stage, it was just a sectioned off piece of the room), was a band called The Natives. They describe themselves as “an up and coming young band from Chelmsford with a diverse music style”. Their style was heavy and fast but with a distinctively catchy sound - quite clearly influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths.

Next to take to the stage was a band called Lo Chief. Their presence on stage wasn’t as strong as some of the other bands on the night, but this could be because they are a newer band. The set was strong and their music is secured in the psych/hard rock genre - definitely worth checking out if that’s your thing.

The penultimate band to take the stage were called Evergreen. The music leant towards alternative pop-punk and they describe themselves has having “determination and a strong passion for music” which was evident through the set. Influenced by bands such as Neck Deep, Mooseblood, and Blink 182 - it was an interesting watch to say the least. The crowd really enjoyed their set and jumped in time with their music.

Finally, it was time for Changing Seasons to hit the stage. Kicking off with ‘Happy Go Unlucky’, the first song on their EP Lack of Colour. Between songs, the band would jam, mostly making it look like they knew what was happening, except frontman Ollie Peck who was focused on talking to everyone in the crowd. Before the second song, ‘This Could Be Deadly’, the band were momentarily joined by a member of the audience. Lovely Annie was an older lady, who I initially assumed to be a relative of one of the bands, decided to stand with Ollie and introduce herself to everyone before disappearing - we didn’t see her again until it was time to go home.

The rest of the set continued without a hitch. Jonny Seddon, despite looking permanently confused, pulled some amazing guitar solos throughout the set. There was one, evidently drunk, women who was grooving the whole way through and quite clearly took a liking to Sam Mumford (the drummer). Bassist Chris Guyatt’s shinning moment came with the bass dominated ‘Psamathe’, which he wrote himself. 

The penultimate song was my personal favourite, ‘Umphh’, which had everyone singing along to the chorus before its end, and seamlessly led into the titular song ‘Lack of Colour’. Overall, the set was strong and each song had its individual stamp. With catchy chorus’s and beats that get stuck in your head super easily, I won’t be surprised when these lads hit the big time and we hear them everywhere.

Their next gig is at Bassment, Chelmsford, on July 11, more information will be added shortly.

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