Beer rings that feed fish, not strangle them

Other | Friday 20th May 2016 | Arren

Saltwater Brewery in Florida has designed new beer ring holders that are harmless to our planet.

The new rings are made from the by-products from beer like barley and wheat making them safe for consumption by animals and even humans. In addition to being safe to eat, the rings will also be 100% biodegradable - so if nothing's biting they'll decompose anyway. I'll drink to that!

They released a trial batch in April and now plan to roll it out across all of their products. At the moment the production of the rings is more money than the bog-standard plastic ones. But Saltwater Brewery say as the technology develops and if more companies get on board the cost will fall.

They're the first brewery in the world to implement this new initiative and they hope that the big companies will follow suit. We hope they do to, the positive effect these will have on marine life is innumerable.