Luche: Music and Dreams Between Naples and London

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 12th April 2016 | Antonio

Luche is an Italian rapper, particularly, a Neapolitan rapper, and possibly the best in southern Italy. His songs are rich in content and the message is deep in his music. He started his career with his friend NTO and together the formed the underground Hip Hop duo, "CO'SANG" but after a few years the group broke up. On June 19 2012 Luche released his first solo album, titled L1 which marked the start of his own career.

After the release of his first album, Luche then aspired to spread his story to people around the world and went on to release another album titled L2, which gained much success, being praised as, "a complicated album with so many ideas to be explored, and raw street tales made with language and metaphors that have nothing to do with envy to no other artist of the Italian rap scene."

After his growth as a rapper, Luche spent his time between Marianella which is his home district and London, owning a restaurant called 'Bravi Ragazzi' and also looking to find ideas for music and other projects, such as the clothing line "Black Friday" which will be launching on the market soon.

Luche has often spoke highly of London, often stating that the city is his "true love" and has mentioned in an interview that, "There each person can express themselves freely, there are fewer prejudices than in Italy."