Following Their Debut, 'Paradise Lost' And With A World Tour Well Underway, We Get The Low-Down From Delta Heavy.

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 29th March 2016 | Arren

When it comes to drum & bass few are as globally renowned as Delta Heavy.

The London based duo are a formidable force who's unique style has taken the world by storm. As DJ's, Delta Heavy are regulars at some of the biggest clubs and festivals this planet has to offer. Fresh off the back of debut album Paradise Lost dropping and a world tour well underway we had a quick chat with the them to find out what's going down

Hey, Whats going on with you both right now? 
Great thanks, if a little tired! We've both finished a busy week of shows across North America and supporting Wilkinson in the UK.

How was your tour across Australia/New Zealand this February?
Fantastic! It was a really great tour, so many good shows and people. We sold out Villa in Perth for the third year running, and broke an all time attendance record the venue in Auckland.

Woah! Sounds crazy, and that's just the beginning of your world tour that'll carry you through till August?! Any particular dates you’re looking forward to?
There are a few big festivals we probably can't mention yet in the UK and the US which we are very much looking forward to, especially a very notorious UK festival that we haven't played before.

Your music usually on a cinematic scale, incorporating a sci-fi theme into a lot of your productions from the sounds to even sometimes the titles. Why is that?
We often like to give our music a distinct concept which helps us build a real identity into the track. The sci-fi theme often ties in really well with the type of music we make. We are both very inspired by film soundtrack composers such as Hans Zimmer so those kind of cinematic, epic scores are a big influence in our music.

What are your favourite sci-fi films/games?
Bladerunner, Alien, Total Recall, Inception, Solaris, Moon, Interstellar.

>You have your debut album, Paradise Lost out now. What was the inspiration for the title?
We wanted a title that had conjured images of grandeur and scale and we like the fact that it can be interpreted in a number of ways. It's not a literal interpretation of anything in particular (such as Milton's poem) but an evocation of something epic and dystopian.

How did you go about making the music for the upcoming project?
The tracks on the album tended to come together in different ways. We had a number of backing tracks from an early stage that we tried a variety of different vocalists on which probably took the longest to finish. A few of the more dancefloor tracks on the album such as 'Event Horizon' and 'Tremors' were started with a distinct concept or spoken word sample which helped the tracks come together thematically quite quickly.

We spent along time getting the mix downs and the final production on all the tracks perfect so they sounded 'as one' sonically. We wrote the two interlude tracks 'Limbo' and 'Ascending' right at the end of the process once we had decided a final running order for the track list. This enabled us to use these tracks to transition between others to shift the mood so the full album run as a seamless composition with a beginning, middle and end.

You’re one of the hottest bass music duos on the planet right now, the bass music scene has grown massively States side in recent years. Is there any differences between the bass scene here in the UK and over in the US?
US crowds especially at the festivals are bit more open to a range of genres whereas UK fans are perhaps a bit more focused on D&B.

You’ve been lucky enough to support some huge acts across the globe; Example, Sub Focus, Feed Me. What’s your funniest memory from your travels?
On the Feed Me tour we all bought hunting camouflage tunics at a truckstop at 5am which we proceeded to wear constantly for the next few days. We resembled a very ropey looking redneck boy band!

Has there been a party that has changed your life, what was it and why?
EDC Vegas in 2012. It was the first big festival crowd we'd played to especially in the US, and it was absolutely mind blowing.

Any music that isn’t drum & bass/dubstep that you’re love right now?
Flume, Tame Impala, Floating Points, Kendrick Lamar, Ital Tek, KRNE

If you were both super heroes, what would your super power be? 
The ability to control time.

What are you most in love with right now?
Tonkotsu ramen, collecting Oneworld tier points, The Americans, my little gold Macbook, dad hats

Anything else that we should know about?
Just want to say a big big thank you to everyone who has supported the album and has come to see us play this year!

You can get your copy of Delta Heavy's debut album Paradise Lost here

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