Dog Friendly Cinema is Coming to East London

Other | Wednesday 23rd March 2016 | Joe

London Fields' dog friendly restaurant Wringer + Mangle has a brand new offering for all you poochloving people out there. On Sunday 3 of April the hounds will take control of the basement and will be hosting a dog friendly cinema experience. Each experience might present something different, but always with the intention of bringing the community together for both human and hound
Who are you and where are you now?
I am Stephanie. Last year I finished a degree in fashion photography at The London College of Fashion, but found that although I have a love for fashion and design, I wanted a more humble, happy surrounding with less stress. That led me to starting a luxury pet portrait company from my studio in North London and becoming mad about dogs. 

I am Sigita I have spent nearly 10 years since moving to London establishing myself in the hospitality sector. However, last year after having got married I wanted a change of pace and after getting Rupert had a realisation to combine my skills in events for my love with dogs and community. I am truly a crazy dog lady.

How did your idea for your doggie cinema brand come about?

Literally the first time we met in a petshop, we decided to go have pancakes as it on was shrove Tuesday, and over those pancakes we discussed we would like more experience based opportunities where our dogs didn't have to be left out. And it went from there!

What can people expect to experience when they attend?

A truly dog friendly experience. London Fields is a 3 minute walk away so it will be a good starting point to tire their dog out, then if hungry the restaurant upstairs in dog friendly Wringer and Mangle to fantastic Sunday Roasts and drinks so nobody has to miss out on essential Sunday rituals. Then! When feeling totally content (whatever you might've done with your day already), 2.30pm head to the basement to meet and greet the other humans and dogs attending. This will be a chance for the dogs to get over the excitement and burn a little more energy. Humans can have a drink and chat, and at 3.30pm when nicely merry, it's time to wind down with your dog, snuggled up with blankets and pillows. And upon the pillow, you will find a bag of doggy popcorn especially for your pooch. We aim for no guest to be left out! Life is too short for bad movies so on each event we will only screen classic or arthouse films worth seeing or revisiting. Once the movies done if you didn't get a chance to eat beforehand, not to worry W+M serve roasts until 9pm.

You recently visted the world renowned Crufts, what was it like?

Crazy. We most enjoyed watching the freestyle dancing dogs, you can see how happy the dogs are and the bond between them and their humans and their incredible capabilities.

Name three things you would change in the world?

Inequality, injustice, inhumanity. Especially the injustice on what humans have done to the planet, to each other and to other living creatures.

If you were a dog for a day, how would you spend your time?

Observing how weird humans are and eating lots and lots and exploring my super senses.

If you were banished to a desert island and you had to take 3 famous people dead or alive, who would you take and why would you take them?
Queen Elizabeth 1st, because she rocked the boat in a man's world and I would like to ask her about what it was like. Billie Holiday for us to sing to her tunes (hopefully over a bottle of rum) and she could tell us more about what her songs meant. And probably Bear Grylls just for the matter of survival, he could go and gather the food whilst we get drunk with the girls. 
Wringer + Mangle is just a short three-minute walk from dog-friendly London Fields so it is the perfect place to venture after walkies. Opened in a former industrial laundry the building is multi faceted with Wringer + Mangle restaurant upstairs which features an expansive all-weather terrace, an inventive drinks menu offering variations on the classic "Collins" cocktail and a delicious Sunday roast. If you fancy a roast before or after the film, your ticket entitles you to 20% off your bill on the day but please call in advance to book a table and let us know you have a dog so we can reserve the space. Dog friendly for friendly dogs! - end - Canines, Camera, Action Sunday 3rd April 2016 Doors open 2:30pm - Movie begins 3:30pm £15 per person, which includes free entry for dogs.