DJ Alfredo & Alex Savvides Interview

House | Wednesday 16th March 2016 | Annalisa

DJ Alfredo, also known as “The Father of the Balearic Beat” will be playing at the Brixton Jamm on March 25th alongside a number of great artists, and has given us the pleasure of interviewing him and his producer Alex before the explosive show kicks off.

How you doing?

ALEX: I’m very well thank you, very excited about the party!

You got a big party coming up! What can we expect?

ALEX: You can expect the best balearic beats / house music you’ll probably ever hear in London in one night!

How long have you been doing ths event?

ALEX: This is the very first party in London as we are Balearic. I did a party in the UK back in 2014 with some friends. We had Alfredo Trevor Fung and Nancy Noise playing back to back all night! It was a fantastic party everyone loved it, even Paul Oakenfold came down to see his old friends! So I wanted to do another balearic party but on a bigger scale. I knew I had to have those 3 iconic DJs but also wanted all the others aswell!


What do the artists mean to you?

ALEX: The artists mean a great deal to me, they are all so important in creating the balearic /house scene in both Ibiza and the UK, as well as the rest of the world. I have known some of them for over 25 years and I have so much admiration and respect for them.


Alfredo, we understand you started off studying journalism, and then worked as a music critic, how would you say that influenced your move to becoming a DJ/producer?

Alejandro: The fact that I´ve been working as a music critic, introduced me to different styles, and broaden up my musical universe, and later on help me in my career as a DJ/ producer


Tell us about one of the craziest/most fun parties/clubs that you’ve experienced.

ALEX: One of the best parties was a party in a huge, old farmhouse in the Kent countryside in 1989 where I was DJing for 8 hours without a break. We set the decks up in a huge courtyard and over 600 people turned up. It was a crazy party, we partied untill the sun came up.

A: Amnesia in Ibiza, Carry On at Space, Yellow in Tokyo, to name a few! All places with a lot of fun, cosmopolitan people, and fantastic atmospheres . I enjoy playing them all so much!


If you could do a party anywhere in the world, where would it be?
ALEX: I would love to to a party in the Colosseum in Rome… can you imagine that? Big sound system and thousands of crazy Italians with lasers pointing up to the stars… Wow, now that would be a great party!


Alejandro: Of course it would be in Ibiza! In an old house deep in the countryside, without neighbours!!!


Alfredo, you’ve mentioned in the past that you’ve had to change your music when English people started coming to Ibiza, how did you overcome and still produce the music that you wanted?

A: I just carried on doing what I liked, and played more of what I liked, once they got the knowledge, they got me.


What is your greatest rave memory?

Alejandro: It’s funny, talking about a ‘rave’ as you know it in the UK I’ve never been to one! I’ve read about them! I was so busy at that time in Ibiza, but I can talk to you about the countryside parties in Ibiza. I think they were in some ways similar situations. People everywhere, DJs all around, altered states, love, togetherness. Great fun!


What has the rave scene meant for you?

Alejandro: I knew about Adamski, and he ended up playing with me in Amnesia. I felt through him what a rave would be.

Name 2 songs that changed your life
ALEX: 1. Stop Bajon - Tulio de Piscopi
Amazing record that Alfredo discovered, such a great, happy record. I have never heard anything like it, still get goosebumps when I hear it.

2.Lil Louis - French Kiss

The first house record I ever bought, fantastic record still sounds fresh today even though its been played a billion times. This is the record that made me want to be a DJ and start my own parties.


Alejandro: Only two! Ufffff:

1. Imagine by John Lennon.


2. Can You Feel It by Mr Fingers

That was one of the first house tracks I heard, can`t remember the first one right now!!!!


Proudest moment?
ALEX: Proudest moment I would say was starting my own business from nothing.

Alejandro: I’ve got two: the moments my son and daughter were born, so proud!!!


What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

Urmmmmmm, I’d fill it with San Pellegrino, and Italian water. Leaving the champagne by the sides.


What would be the one thing you’d want to do (that you haven’t already done) before you die?

Alejandro: So many things!! Go to Amazonia, play with my grandchildren when they arrive, and to be truly in peace with myself.


If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
ALEX: If I could have any superpower it would be the power to cure people, nobody should have to watch a loved one suffer.

Alejandro: The superpower I would have would be to have total knowledge of myself , and use it to produce love and happiness all around.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a club?

Alejandro: I walked over people to go to the toilet in an incredibly crowded Pacha and... made love. Don`t know if that's crazy!


Alfredo, have you got a top 5 for right now?

Aurora - Washeman

Hafla (instrumental) Acid Arab

Too much information - Dele Sosimi Afrobeat

Party Rock - Felipe Sa

La musica (Shir Khan Remix) - Munk