City Profile: San Sebastián

Other | Monday 29th February 2016 | Valeria

San Sebastián is a small but beautiful city located in Basque Country in Northern Spain. Not to be confused with its neighbours France and certainly not to be narrowed down to 'somewhere in Spain, the known words of the Basque citizens tell all who visit it, "you're not in France and you're not in Spain; you're in Basque Country!"

The people of Basque are proud to speak Euskera, the most ancient language in Europe. Being a tourist hotspot, speaking Spanish is very common and English is widely spoken and understood.

Let us take you on a small tour of the European Capital of Culture!

How much is rent?

In the old old parts of town, Parte Vieja could be the place for you if the idea of narrow and crowded streets sound appealing; there are also lots of pubs and restaurants to choose from. If you're after a more rural vibe, you could always choose to live a little bit farther from the city centre whilst still being able to get around as the city is noticeably small.

The average price of rent in a shared flat is around €300 (£235) but if you would prefer to live in an older, more traditional flat/house, known as 'liberty style' housing, you'll have to be willing to pay a little more.

Good place for a coffee?

There are many spots to unwind and enjoy a coffee or (for the curious among you) the widely known and loved churro - a traditional Spanish fried dough treat, dusted with sugar or cinnamon. For those with a sweet tooth, head to the Plaza Gipuzkoa where you'll find plenty of sugary treats 

Good place for a beer?

Parte Vieja seems to be the go-to town to grab a drink before and/or after dinner. More so than beer, cider seems to be celebrated amongst the locals. To really get a feel for the local dining preference, try the Basque alternative to tapas - Pintxos! 

What do people love about living in Basque?

The city boasts three beautiful beaches in the better part of the town and it seems to be the number one attraction for tourists and locals. The city truly immerses itself in the Basque culture - you won't forget where you are! 

 Any downsides to the city?

Being such a beautiful and cultured city, it's no wonder that it's almost impossible to fault it! However, with less than 200,000 inhabitants, it may not be the ideal place for the crowd loving city dweller! 

Advice for newcomers

There are three little mountains inside the city where tourists tend to go and explore. Each mountain offers a breathtaking view of the city and beaches. It's highly recommended for a sunny day otherwise you might see some terrifying waves crashing towards the city from the Atlantic ocean!