Quality of Life - Where Does Your City Rank?

Other | Tuesday 23rd February 2016 | Sam

Human resource consulting firm, Mercer, have released their annual league table for Quality of Living.

The good news for anyone living in the United Kingdom is that none of the cities featured in this list are outside of the top 100, London being the highest rated British city, coming in at number 39, joint with Barcelona.

Best Place to Live in the World -

Vienna, Austria is the city that takes the title of best city for quality of living, followed closely by Zurich, Switzerland and Auckland, New Zealand. It seems that in order to have the best quality of life, you have to move to Central Europe; the top ten positions consist of 3 German cities (Munich [4], Dusseldorf [6] and Frankfurt [7]), 2 Swiss cities (Zurich [2], Geneva [8]) and 1 Austrian city (Vienna).

North/ South Divide -

Another interesting outcome to note is the amount of cities in the northern hemisphere compared to the southern hemisphere. Of the top 10 cities, only two (Auckland and Sydney) are situated in the southern hemisphere, and in the top 100, only 15 cities are situated in the southern half of the world, 7 of which are in Australia.

The British Interest -

6 British cities feature in the list of 250, and as previously stated, they all feature in the top 100, with London coming in at 39. After London comes Edinburgh (46), Birmingham (53), Glasgow (55), Aberdeen (59) and Belfast (64). So according to Mercer’s list, residents of these 6 cities have a better quality of life than those living in Miami (66), Hong Kong (70), Dubai (75) and Abu Dhabi (81).

Dublin blows the British cities out of the water, coming in at a very respectable 33rd, ahead of cities such as Boston (34), Brisbane (36) and Paris (37)… the Paddies are good for more than just booze!