Cherryade Hair is back B*tches

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 12th February 2016 | Miles

Known for being a lead tastemaker and international DJ, Siobhan Bell started the Cherryade brand as a series of club nights.

Siobhan initially came up with the idea of Cherryade hair after wanting to add more character to her own hair color but not being able to constantly dye it because of the effects of continued hair bleaching.

She then came up with the concept of dip dyed hair extensions that allowed people to add more colour to their hair without having to go through the bleaching process.

“I'd be on Dalston High Street or in Peckham getting my nails done and everyone would ask where I did my hair. I set up the online store which is very basic but people have been picking up on it. I've had customers and press already which I didn't expect to happen so quickly! I like that it's happening so naturally.”

The brand has been re-launched and the new site is now running for everyone to get a piece of Cherryade.

With colours ranging from ‘It's Lit’ & ‘Get Money’ to ‘Purple Drank’, Cherryade hair extensions have a lil something for everyone to suit their mood and add more character into their lives!


'Get Money'


'Purple Drank'

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