Interview with DJ Sukh Knight

Tuesday 9th February 2016 | Miles

We were lucky enough to catch up with dubstep DJ Sukh knight and asked him a few questions we thought the people might want to know!


Grime is very popular at the moment and you are one of a few producers rated in both dubstep and grime. What other forthcoming projects do you have? Or any plans to work with mcs?


"Yeah I have been getting back into Grime properly again and have been making loads of new grime stuff. I just was in studio with P Money working on a couple new tracks with him and also working on a project with Footsie from Newham Generals as well. Im also working on my debut album which has got a few of mc's on there too."


Can you tell us about your latest release Interstellar / Hustlerz?


"Interstellar / Hustlerz is a dubstep release, Interstellar is a deep roller and I called it that as I was visualising a journey through outer space while I made it!  I sampled an old sci fi movie for the intro as well. With Hustlerz I tried to go for a proper old school 2008 dubstep vibe, with some of my old sounds revamped, and it has been smashing it up in the clubs!"



Where has been some of the most memorable places you have played?


"One of the most memorable places was Arenele Romane in Bucharest, Romania. It is an old gladiator arena like the colloseum and it is huge. Thousands of people came to the show all raving in the middle of this arena with the stage on one side.

Outlook Festival in Croatia has always been memorable as well everytime i have been there, probably my most favourite festival to be at. Also I played a set on the Shangrila stage at Glastonbury a few years ago at 5am in the morning and people were raving while the sun was coming up, it was crazy!"


Where can people catch you live in the next few weeks?


"I got a show in Turkey coming up at the end of February which im looking forward to."

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