616 Is For The Kids

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 5th February 2016 | Miles

As cult-like collectives emerge from the London underground creative scene 616 have been causing more than a stir. 

The collective including rapper Lee Scott and front man Milkavelli might just have something to do with kids over london tattooing 616 on their skins and anywhere they can leave the 616 mark.

There's some relief for those who dare not go the full mile in the form of 616 merch!. Last month the official 616 website was officially launched offering fans and supporters the chance to purchase exclusive 616 merchandise without having to catch them at a show or a festival.

Athought they sell out fast you can purchase your 616 attire from the official site

You can keep up with 616 on their instgram @SIXHUNDREDANDSIXTEEN