The Hateful Eight: Tarantino a One Trick Pony?

Other | Friday 5th February 2016 | Arash

Released in December, The Hateful Eight is Tarantino’s eighth film, boasting a solid cast in Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Tim Roth with a cameo appearance from Channing Tatum. This film gives the viewers laughs, suspense and just about everything you’d expect from Tarantino, be it good or bad.

Set just after the American Civil War, the story follows eight individuals, each on a path of their own, but as the film progresses their stories soon connect to provide us with an explosive yet subtle climax.

The many influences which have been used in the film are apparent to any film buffs, some of which taken from Tarantino’s own films. This is double-edged, as it gives the audience a sense of familiarity as well giving the impression that Tarantino has taken the cheap way out.

The actors deliver on their performances, and give us a few memorable moments throughout the film. You find yourself often waiting through dragged out shots of scenery, most of which are good to look at, but after about two minutes, you find yourself waiting for the next scene to start.

It’s almost as though Tarantino is clutching at straws and trying to buy time to fill in the three hours of recording time.

All in all, The Hateful Eight gives the viewer enough material and suspense per scene (or chapter) to keep them watching, whilst all the while nothing really happening in between.