Ex-American Apparel CEO to start new line

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 | Teresa

Dov Charney, the eccentric and often controversial founder of the recently bankrupt American Apparel, is back in fashion. After being removed as the CEO of American Apparel following financial disputes and sexual harassment allegations, the entrepreneur is back with a new line of basics made in the USA. A concept that may sound familiar, if not identical, to those of us who have ever found ourselves in one of those simple white and bright stores searching for a plain leotard or basic tee.

This time, however, he’s starting the company with Hagan Capital, who he worked with in his attempt to buy back American Apparel. Hagan Capital has called Charney ‘a colourful CEO,’ which may be a bit of a generous word to describe the actions of Charney.There’s no doubt that Charney’s current pursuits are quite ‘colourful'.

After essentially running American Apparel into the ground, facing multiple lawsuits, attempting to buy the company back, and losing most of his own money, it’s unsurprising to see Charney back and trying to reclaim his ground in the world of fashion retail. It’s a daring move, but Charney has always been known for his edginess.

For now, there is no known name or set date for the brand. However, Hagan Captial has stated that the brand doesn’t intend to stick to a purely online presence.