Kanye vs Wiz Khalifa: the 'Wave' explained

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 1st February 2016 | Miles

Last week we saw Kanye West change the name of his upcoming album from 'Swish' to 'Waves', which fueled Twitter beef when Wiz Khalifa responded by pointing out that Max B was the originator of 'the wave', tweeting 'Please don't take the wave'.

It all went off on Twitter when Kanye then released an onslaught of tweets getting at Wiz, from Amber Rose, to Wiz stealing his style from Kid Cudi. Wiz managed to hold it down and and in true Khalifa fashion, tweeted 'Hit this KK and become yourself' causing Kanye to go off even more.

At some point Amber Rose also got involved, as did the rest of the interent, with masses of responses and memes to add to the mix.

While all this hype was going on it seems the media were more interested in Kim and Amber, shining very little light on the fact that it all kicked off because of Wiz's claim that Max B created the wave.

Who is Max B and what is the 'wave'?

In 2009, the rapper born Charly Wingate, AKA Max B, was convicted on murder conspiracy and robbery charges and received a 75-year sentence for his actions. In 2012 Max B's appeal was denied. He will remain in prison until at least 2042 but his family are currently petitioning agasint the appeal decision.

Prior to recieving his sentence, Max B, AKA Max Biggavelli, had built a massive internet fanbase through the use of Myspace and Youtube, plus a string of mixtape releases and hood DVDs and was on the road to signing to a major label. Unknown to a lot of French Montana fans, it was Max B who helped form his style of rapping, singing and even chorus construction. 'Wave' was Max B's term for 'cool ' or 'influential', and stands for a cultural movement all his own.

Its looks like once again, Max B has been forgotten for his contribution to current hiphop culture and terminology. Many people use the term 'wave' and 'wavey' with no idea who conjured up the term and we now hear a lot of rappers who can't really hold a note, singing their hearts out over dope beats, all thanks to Max Biggavelli.

Max B apparently responded, not long after the internet fuss, with a phone call recording from prison with a rendition of a track he previously relased in 2001 and renamed 'My Wave'. You can listen to the recording below.

DJ Scoob Doo, who made many of Max B's DVDs, was responsible for capturing 'the wave' for the world to see and also released a trailer for his upcoming documentary (also named Waves) which doucuments unseen footage of Max B and is due to be released 11 February 2016.