Your Weekend On The Guestlist: Friday 29th January!

Other | Friday 29th January 2016 | Tom

Food & Drink

Place: Fire and Stone

Closest Tube Stop: Covent Garden


Fire and Stone serve pizzas which each have their own cultural twist, whether it is the ‘Florence’, a traditional Italian pizza or the ‘Peking’, a pizza which bravely features a duck and hoisin sauce topping, you will be left feeling more than satisfied with your pizzeria experience.


Place: Planet Earth With A Live Soundtrack

Closest Tube Stop: Waterloo

This Sunday at the Royal Festival Hall, The Philharmonia Orchestra will be providing live music to scenes from the Planet Earth series. What is expected to be an amazing experience will no doubt prove to be one, well it beats lying in bed and watching Planet Earth on Netflix doesn't it?


Film: Dirty Grandpa

Closest Tube Stop: Any station near a cinema

If you fancy a laugh or two to get over those winter blues, Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro have teamed up to cheer you up. Expect to see dirty jokes from the very beginning, you’ll never see DeNiro in the same way after hearing him chat up girls 50 years his junior.


Event: FabricLive: MTA with Chase and Status
Place: Fabric
Closest Tube Stop: Farringdon

After their latest EP, ‘London Bars’ dropped late last year featuring Novelist, Giggs, Frisco and Bonkaz, Chase and Status head to Fabric to tear shit up, supported by Dimension, Frisco, Bonkaz and 1991 and many more. Expect this party to carry on until the early morning.