Leonardo DiCaprio Seeks Divine Intervention

Other | Thursday 28th January 2016 | Tom

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the highest profile advocates for the protection of the environment, and on Thursday he met with the Pope to discuss their shared concerns.

The heartthrob actor greeted the pope in Italian before gifting numerous items, including a book of works by 15th century Dutch painter Bosch and a cheque from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for the Pope to gift to charities he thought were in need of cash.

The Pope has previously taken the podium at the
United Nations to warn the world on the dangers of climate change. Stating that true rights similar to those that are given to humans need to be given to nature.

What is the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation?

In 1998 Leonardo DiCaprio established the foundation to help preserve some of the world's last remaining wildernesses. The foundation aims to find and implement solutions to help restore threatened ecosystems.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been made a UN Messenger of Peace for Climate Change through his work with the Foundation.