Canadian Prime Minister gets Multiculturalism

Other | Wednesday 27th January 2016 | Michael

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, believes the solution for different cultures living together peacefully is in education.

Talking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Trudeau made the case that having an inclusive school system sets up success later in life for multiculturalism.

"Instead of looking at multiculturalism as a whole bunch of a mainstream culture going to a school gym on a given day”…

...“we [currently] have an entire school celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, or looking up their Chinese horoscopes, or talking about how to support your friends going through Ramadan.”

Watch: Justin Trudeau explains the power of diversity

Justin Trudeau perfectly articulates the value of diversity in childhood, not just in the workforce.

Posted by Quartz on Monday, 25 January 2016