5 Alternative London Anthems

Other | Tuesday 19th January 2016 | Tom

Parliament recently announced that it would be passing legislation which would allow England to change it’s national anthem from ‘God Save The Queen’. However, as London becomes more influential there remains the hypothetical possibility that the capital city is allowed to pick it’s own anthem. 

We thought that we would take a look at some of the songs that could be used to represent London's unique culture and history.

The Clash - London Calling

When released in 1979 London Calling by The Clash highlighted issues that plagued London life, many of which remain. Issues such as concern over heavy handed tactics by the Metropolitan Police and casual drug taking were highlighted in the song.

Being a quintessential song attributed to London it has been seen by many already as the ‘London Anthem’, being used in numerous adverts to advertise London.

It's A London Thing - Scott Garcia Feat. MC Styles

Garage D.J Scott Garcia created this track in 1997 to let the world know that it truly is a London Thing. This garage beat is a strong contender for London Anthem because let's face it, you can’t mix God Save The Queen.

West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

Performed by the duo at the 2012 Olympics, West End Girls was hugely successful in the U.S.A and Italy, spreading the image of London around the world. The song features the Pet Shop Boys in different locations around London but is primarily focused on The West End, a classic London anthem.

Kano - P’s and Q’s

Grime music is one of the best products of London’s multiculturalistic society and this is typified in Kano’s classic tune ‘P’s and Q’s’. In 2005 then London Mayor, Ken Livingstone announced that Kano was one of London’s heroes and every hero needs a theme song!

Todd Edwards - No Place Like London

Because let's face it, there's no place like London!