Hybrid's taking us Back To The Jungle

Drum and Bass | Thursday 7th January 2016 | Arren

Taking it back to the core, Hybrid’s new Back To The Jungle imprint.

Jungle music is enjoying a ride of success right now. Whether it’s the goldie oldies or those newer technical cuts, there's no escaping the endless clash of amens and bass in the UK’s clubs.

Our re-kindled love with the cornerstone of drum & bass has seen a lot of new faces making success. A new generation of junglist soldiers have been breathing new life into the genre and flipping clubs and festivals upside down.

One label that epitomizes this story is DJ Hybrid’s Deep In The Jungle. The label has had a successful few years with top-notch releases from Brian Brainstorm, Kartoon and Hybrid himself. The label features all variations of jungle and frequently pushes the boundaries with cutting edge tracks.

This new age jungle is hype, but nothing beats the vibes from the old skool style. With this in mind DJ Hybrid has set up a sister label, Back To The Jungle. It follows the success of the EP series baring the same name, and aims to ‘resurrect that original sound'.

Hybrid explains ‘I used to love all the rare groove, funk and hip hop samples from all the tunes you used to hear back in the day. Rather than always trying to release modern cutting edge music, I very much like the idea of having a label on the side where we can just resurrect that original sound’.

We very much like the idea of that too mate, and luckily we don't have to wait that long for the results as the first release is out next Monday, the 11th. It features two blazing records from RMS/Maszive and Kartoon, and rest assured, there’s plenty more we can expect from them this year!

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