LG Rolls Out The Future of Television

Other | Wednesday 6th January 2016 | Sam

At this year's CES Expo in Las Vegas in January, there are many impressive technological advancements being showcased from the world's biggest companies to their consumers, but nothing comes close to what LG has up their sleeve...

Currently a concept idea, LG is bringing us a glimpse at what the future of television could be... roll up televisions. The 18-inch display will reportedly be able to be 'rolled up like a newspaper', and is accompanied by 55-inch paper-thin screen and a 65-inch 'extreme curve' screen that apparently bends both inwards and outwards... what?

You may be asking right now, why would I want to roll up my television? To be honest, I don't have the answers for you, in fact, these televisions are not even guaranteed to reach stores, they're merely conepts of what LG think the future could look like, but they sound pretty cool, right?

It is a well-known fact that something needs to come along to shake up the world of televisions, there's only so many curved, ultra thin, super 4K, mega screens shops can handle without something new coming along. LG have to be commended for trying at least!