ReWind 4Ever—the history of UK Garage

House | Thursday 20th June 2013 | jim

UK Garage has been making a huge comeback in the last few years. Producers, DJs and Mc’s who found huge fame in the 90s are being called on again to spin tunes in some of the top clubs in the world. They are no longer the old music of the past, but instead topping the night listings. UK garage is one of the only genres of music that the UK can truly claim as their own, and has been so influential in so many aspects of music today, in the UK and outside.

The influence of UK Garage is huge and has led to the emergence of Grime, Funky House, and dubstep, which have all led to other genres. Despite its influence and notoriety of its stars such as Craig David, where did it start? UK garage emerged out of the huge rave scene of the 90s and adopted a sound more in tune with the ever-changing urban environment.

Alex Lawton decided that UK garage deserved a true history being told of it, and set about to create a feature length documentary.

ReWind 4ever comes out on the 15th July through iTunes and Tesco’s Blink Box and documents the history of one of the UK’s greatest musical creations. The film features interviews with game-changing stars such as Todd Edwards, Matt Jam Lamont, Ashley Walters, Wookie, Artwork and many more.

With UK garage taking the clubbing-world by storm for the second time, a lesson in its origins sounds like a very interesting prospect. Check out the trailer below and catch the film when it is released.