Shay-D's Debut Album 'A Figure Of Speech' Educates All

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 17th December 2015 | Tom

London rapper, poet and activist Shay D has announced that she will be dropping her debut album ‘A Figure Of Speech’ on the 12th of February. An album that all real hip-hop fans need to watch out for.


Every musician has their own personal message to share, but Shay-D’s is one of social consciousness and general caring. Growing up in London Shay-D aims to raise awareness of vulnerable young people through a combination of exceptional lyrical ability and hands on grassroots activism. Notbaly performing in the Radio One Live Lounge alongside Devlin.


‘A Figure Of Speech’ will be packed full of positive messages and real storytelling, a welcome change to other hip-hop artists. She really is an artist who practices what she preaches, so get behind Shay-D and go cop that album!


Shay-D has given us an album taster with her song ‘The Who, What, Why’ so watch this and get to understand the vibes!