5 Christmas Hip-Hop Songs

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 17th December 2015 | Tom

Christmas is here, and with it comes the repeated playing of the same songs everywhere, with Slade and George Michael rubbing their hands together dreaming of the royalties they will make over the festive period.


Although hip-hop music isn’t known for spreading Christmas cheer its had its fair share of underplayed Christmas crackers.


Here are five of the best:

5 Eazy E - Merry Muthaphukkin Christmas

‘Merry Muthaphukkin Christmas’ is the West Coast legends explicit take on Jingle Bells. In typical Eazy E fashion he created a song that you can’t play when you sit down with your family at Christmas dinner. In fact it’s quite hard to think of an appropriate time that you can bump this over the festive period, none the less it’s livelier than Bing Crosby!


4 Kanye West Feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Pusha T, Vado, Musiq Soulchild and Big Sean. - Christmas In


Kanye West managed to assemble some of the biggest names in rap music to work on his track ‘Christmas in Harlem’. The song doesn’t have an intrinsically Christmas feel to it and sounds rather underwhelming, especially when you read out the big names featured on the it and this is why it isn’t constantly repeated year in year out. However, it’s doing pretty good as far as christmas hip-hop songs go.

3 Dana Dane - Dana Dane Is Coming To Town

‘Dana Dane Is Coming To Town’ is the Brooklyn rappers take on the seasonal classic ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. Produced by Salt n Pepper producer Herby Luv Bug the song explains Dana’s story through Christmas, ending with him using a pair of Bally shoes to make it a success.

2 Froggy Fresh - Christmas

A light hearted, John Cena themed Christmas song by Southern rapper Froggy Fresh. See it to believe it.

1 Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis

No other hip-hop artists have come close to beating Run DMC’s legendary Christmas song, with a timeless beat and great raps Christmas in Hollis is one Christmas song that remains underplayed.