12 Year Old Uses Her Pocket Money for Refugee Presents

Other | Thursday 17th December 2015 | Aisha

Emily Clarke, a 12 year old from Bloxwich in the West Midlands spent the past year buying presents using her pocket money. Whilst opening her Christmas gifts last year she came up with this selfless and inspiring idea. She stated “I just thought it’s not fair that kids don’t get stuff”, and went on to to buy gifts for deprived children. As well as saving her pocket money, she set up appeals on Facebook whereby people can donate their unwanted gifts.

She has managed to donate 200 presents to a women’s refuge in Walsall. Clarke said “it makes me feel proud that other kids are going to be happy”. The 12 year old has gained much praise on social media as many commend her generosity.

Christmas should be all about gratitude, giving and love. Emily embodies these values and is therefore a role model whose footprints people of all ages should follow in.