Weird British Laws

Other | Tuesday 15th December 2015 | Sebastian

10. Dying in the Houses of Parliament

It is unlcear when this law was introduced. But to this day it stands as one of the most ridiculous laws ever. Imagine someone storming into the houses of parliament and gunning you down, and in the news you're the one in the wrong. Pretty messed up. what even is the punishment?

9. It is illegal to fly a kite or slide on ice in the street

Introduced in 1839, I can only imagine that this was a safety measure but really no fun. Ebenezer Scrooge...You're breaking the law buddy.

8. It's also illegal to sing any profane or obscene song in the street

FUCK the po'leece!

7. You're not allowed to be drunk in a pub

Under the metropolitan police act of 1839,it is illegal for the 'keeper of a public house to permit drunkenness on premises'. I have a feeling this law has been broken many, many times.

6. It is illegal to 'handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances'

This was actually introduced as recently as 1886, and I can't make sense of it. Is this a euphemism?

5. Turning away someone who knocks on your door requiring the toilet

This law is only in place in Scotland. It kind of sounds like a law that a patrolling police officer made when he was really desperate for the loo and knocked at someone's door. I guess there is no need for public toilets in Scotland.

4. Causing a nuclear explosion is illegal

This law was introduced in 1998. If you were thinking of Nuking something or someone, Don't! It's very illegal...I can't understand why...

3. It's illegal to eat mute Swan, unless you're the Queen

Only the Queen of England is legally allowed to eat Swan...So, hands off! 

2. It's an offence to import potatoes into Englad which you suspect to be Polish

This is so typically English. English potatoes be like 'We don't want those Polish spuds coming in here, taking all our jobs!"

1. A pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants

I can't believe more pregnant women haven't taken advantage of this bizarre law. The law even states that a policeman's helmet is not even off limits! I thought Feminists would've caught onto this one by now.

There it is. The top 10 of the most absurd and strange laws according to me. They just highlight that there is not really anything you can do without being illegal, so let's just Nuke everyone (I'm just joking...don't do that)