Sigma brings the bass to celebrate Original Penguins 60th birthday

Drum and Bass | Monday 14th December 2015 | Annalisa

Sigma signed off on a year that has seen them obliterate the UK dance scene with a succession of seismic club anthems and established them as a global name on the electronic music scene with a show that celebrated Original Penguins 60th birthday and acted as the official launch party for their album.  The international multi-platinum selling duo performed in front of an intimate crowd of super fans who were treated to an unforgettable night full of heavy bass from the boys freshly released debut album 'Life'.

Sigma stand as the definitive dance duo of 2015 and here as part of #pluggedin60 they discuss the enduring influence of the noughties music scene on their music as well as their thoughts on everything from Kanye West to originality in fashion.