It’s a ‘Stow Ting

Other | Friday 4th December 2015 | Craig

Walthamstow, or ‘Stow as the locals call it, is changing. From losing its almost world famous dog racing stadium to luxury developers, to having an ISIS support workshop, the last few years for Walthamstow’s residents have been somewhat eventful. Here’s a heads up on one of London’s newest suburban hotspots.


Pie and Mash The absolute staple of any self-respecting Eastender, Manze’s pie and mash has been dishing out delicious meat pies and mash for a whopping eighty-six years and since 2013, is officially a listed building. The interior hasn’t been changed for decades, and it looks sick. Ten points to anyone who can actually tell us what’s in that green sauce?


Eat 17/ East London Sausage Company A style we just don’t see anymore in Central London. Eat 17, known for its bacon jam and buttermilk chicken, is a sure fired alternative to newly opened and already rinsed Nando’s. Those ordering sausage will not have to look far, it comes in from the indie sausage shop across the road, a nod to the earlier days of the Walthamstow Village. 

Club: Despite what all the Dalston newcomers may tell you, it’s not that up and coming. Those looking for a club in Walthamstow will have to settle for a bit of table dancing in The Goose, local meeting spot for those who think O’Neil’s on a Wednesday night is the peak of civilisation.


Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace Gin lovers unite. With over one hundred variations of the famous poison, Mother’s Ruin is a must. The also do cake, nuff said.


With both local record store Cavern Records and HMV feeling the torrent of online streaming services, local residents have typically had to look elsewhere for physical material. But all hope is not lost. Mike’s Records in locally famous, Wood St Indoor Market, still flies the flag of the physical copy.



The Longest Outdoor Street Market In Europe This ones right at the top when it comes to bragging rights. Though most locals will choose to shop anywhere but down the market, it remains the heart and soul of Walthamstow, spanning the distance of two train stations coming in at an impressive one kilometre, roughly.

Lloyd Park Walthamstow’s answer to Central Park could stand tall alongside any of zone one’s more famous outdoor spaces. For a suburban London borough, its park is huge. Its ten different entrances all lead out to different areas of Walthamstow, turning itself into an early morning metropolis of sleepy commuters, school children and the like. Graffiti heads out there will know of, now demolished, ‘Lloyds legal’, the unofficial name given to one of the very few places in London you could put up your tag legally. R.I.P Lloyd’s legal.

God's Own Junk Yard Now everybody knows that life is never satisfying without your very own personalised neon sign. So this is why you have to get down to this place. Its workshop was liked so much by the people from Vogue that in 2011 they used it for a cover piece in their mag. Check it here

Don’t say: I can't be fucked to ask my MP to stop bombing Syria.

Do say:     seven different types of gin and an organic pizza asap!