Top 5 Alternative Christmas Adverts

Other | Thursday 3rd December 2015 | Sam

Surely I can't be the only one who's sick of seeing everyone jabbering on about 'how great the John Lewis Christmas advert' is or how the 'Coca-Cola truck advert truly marks the beginning of Christmas'. Don't get me started on that cat, Mog, from the Sainsbury's advert who should be put down for ruining everyone's Christmas. Here's an alternative list of Top 5 Christmas Adverts... very 'touching' stuff!

5. Aldi - Telescope
Aldi have shown yet again why they are fast-becoming Britain's favourite supermarket chain. Instead of creating an emotionally charged advert with a beautiful soundtrack behind it, the German chain has decided to simply wait for another company's advert and spoof it to save time. The victim in this case... John Lewis' creepy old man and his telescope.


4. Burberry - Celebrating 15 Years of Billy Elliot
This year's Burberry Christmas advert features the world's luckiest 13-year-old, Romeo Beckham, for the second campaign running. Beckham is seen jumping around, mimicking the opening scene of Billy Elliot, which is celebrating it's 15th year. Joining him for a little jump is an all-star lineup: Sir Elton John, Julie Walters, James Corden, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, James Bay, George Ezra, Michelle Dockery and Naomi Campbell. It's refreshing to see a Christmas advert divert away from tradition and do something different - coupled with the outrageous list of celebrities, Burberry's advert deserves a Top 5 place this year.


3. The Spanish Christmas Lottery - Justino the Janitor
The Spanish Christmas Lottery have managed to well and truly trump any British advert in terms of evoking emotion this year. The completely animated advert depicts a lonely old night janitor who leaves his daytime colleagues little gifts each day, and in return he recieves a couple of million euros! Lucky fucker! 


2. Edeka - Weihnachtsclip #heimkommen
German supermarket chain, Edeka have won the battle for advert most likely to make you cry this year. A lonely old man (a recurring theme this year it seems) is left on his own every year by his family, so he does what any lonely old person would do and decides to fake his own death in order to bring his family together. It seems if you wanna cry this Christmas, you gotta go European!


1. Pornhub - The Most Touching Gift This Christmas
Pornhub manages to top our best Christmas advert list for 2015. Suck on that John Lewis. Again focusing on a sad old man not getting what he wants, the guys over at the world's favourite porn site have created a piece of art so brilliant, yet so obvious, it's impossible for it not to win! Witness it for yourself: