Indie Legends: Noel Gallagher

Indie | Thursday 26th November 2015 | Craig

Noel Gallagher is a rare breed. Listening to his interviews feels like you’ve entered a time machine and been catapulted back to a time when musicians actually said and did things that were interesting. His opinions match his musical talent blow for blow, and whether or not you agree with him doesn’t matter, he doesn’t care.  

The former Oasis axeman and current High Flying Birds frontman is as he has always been, a big fuck you to anything that’s not rock n’ roll and his fans love him for it. From his qualms with Coldplay’s Chris Martin to cheating in a radio quiz so that he could beat Bono, Noel is every young boy's idol, whether musician or not.

All of this is not to mention his brief flirtation with Channel 4’s Gogglebox, where he casually showed off to the nation that he hangs out with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, this being the same Noel who once received six months probation for robbing a corner shop.

But what I find most appealing about Noel is how he quietly, in comparison to slightly more outspoken younger brother Liam, lets his actions speak louder than his words, despite there being a lot of words. Though it’s no secret that Noel wrote nearly all of Oasis’ back catalogue, to then go on to The High Flying Birds and rip up the charts on more than one occasion, without the home comforts of Oasis, is more than impressive and proves how deserving he is of all the attention.

Whilst Liam is busy working on his fashion line Pretty Green and playing Beady Eye gigs where fans will only dance to Oasis tunes, Noel is still out there doing it his way, making new songs that the fans want to groove to, despite still belting out the occasional Oasis hit. Who can blame him? They're his songs.