Offensive Adverts From The 1950's and 1960's

Other | Sunday 15th November 2015 | Tom

50’s and 60’s America is renowned for being a very un-politically correct era, but these original adverts featured in Charles Saatchi’s book: Beyond Belief, demonstrate just how far companies used to go to sell their products.


Companies had little worry when creating shocking adverts for sometimes even more shocking products.


Sexist adverts portray women as submissive housewives.


If you buy a pair of Weyenberg's then she'll fall at your feet.


This advert leaves little to the imagination regarding a woman's position in the household.


This coffee advert reminds shoppers to buy the correct brand.


This advert praising the qualities of Asbestos seems especially shocking today owing to the proven links between the mineral and lung cancer.


Buying your wife a Hoover will make her clean on Christmas Day


This advert from the 1900's advertises cocaine drops as a form of medicine

Beyond Belief: Racist, Sexist, Crude And Dishonest: The Golden Age Of Madison Avenue, by Charles Saatchi.