Pack your bags: The Cheapest European Cities

Other | Thursday 12th November 2015 | Jacob

Anyone fancy boarding on a plane and gettin' the fuck outta here? Well these recently published infographic's give you the lowdown on how much it'd cost to sneak off for a weekend across Europe if you fancied a winter escape.

Whereas an average excursion to London costs nearly £70(!) a day, a weekend in Kiev would cost you a mere fraction of that. Though London's weather is proving tempermental this November you'd have to don several more layers to enjoy Kiev. But at that price, who's complaining? Or for slightly milder conditions you could shoot off to Lisbon, Tenerife or Malta - for just half the price! What am I doing in an office and not on a WizzAir flight right this second I hear you cry!

Here's the top 10 cheapest European cities, calculated by average day expenditure: