Festival Horoscope - Gemini

Friday 6th November 2015 | Sam

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
These are life's explorers, they hate nothing more than being one-dimensional.

Recommended Festival: Benicassim (14th - 17th July 2016)

So you like to travel, eh? Well where better to travel to than every Brit's favourite holiday destination, Spain! Don't expect the Costa del Sol or a nice relaxing holiday by the pool, and don't expect to do much sightseeing. Take your expectations, chuck em in a blender with your inhibitions and a bag of shrooms and down that shit... you're going to Benicassim!

Located 12km north of the Valencian city, Castellón de la Plana on the West Coast of Spain, prepare to swap the gloomy British rain and mud for the overly-aggressive Spanish sun and sand! Yes, that's right, 'Benny' (as it's mostly British clientele call it) is right next to the beach! Your hate of things being one-dimensional will stay under wraps during this week in July as there is an abundance of different things to do! Other than the music which runs from 6pm to as late as 6am, there are two beaches to relax and catch up with some sleep on, a small town to explore and one of those dodgy, not-too-sure-if-it's-safe water parks

A ticket for this 4 day musical fuckery is on the cheaper end of the festival spectrum, at around £100, you won't have to break the bank. Included in the price is 8 days worth of camping, but in all honesty, you'll wanna book a hotel - it ain't nice waking up in a tent in the searing 30˚ heat at 8am with a banging hangover and your mate's dribble on your face after 3 hours sleep.

Headlined last year by the interesting mix of Blur, The Prodigy, Portishead and Florence and the Machine, you can guarantee that Benny will pull in many of the hottest acts in all genres of music right now. With such a variety of acts announced every year, there is something for everyone - it most definitely is not one-dimensional in terms of it's musical offerings - you Geminis are in for a treat (but bring sun cream, and loads of it)!

For more info on the festival and to buy tickets, check out their official website here!