Everyone's Seen Bieber's Manhood - Now He's Mad

Other | Thursday 5th November 2015 | Sebastian

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Just a few short weeks ago, a few pictures were surfacing on Instagram of Justin Bieber's hog, AKA Penis. The images showed the pop star on the balcony of his hotel room in Bora Bora, fully nude.


Of course, said images were deleted not long after they were discovered, but of course it's blown up all over the internet. Since this incident, over which there is a debate whether these pictures have a positive or negative effect on his 'public image' (apparently it was pretty impressive).


It seems to me that Justin has been acting up lately, as though he feels all his secrets are out in the open. As has been apparent for a while - he feels like he can do whatever the fuck he wants without a care in the world.



Take the instance of when Bieber walked out of a Spanish radio interview:

The guy was just spinning in his chair like a bored child waiting for his mum at her office. With an obnoxious "I don't care about anything" look on his face. However, him walking out can be viewed as either incredibly rude or genius. Rude if he just left out of boredom. Genius if this was his 'unique' way of breaking the internet because, it kind of worked.


Why Not Just Storm Off Stage Over A Tea Towel?

Footage of Bieber walking out of his own show in Oslo, Norway...Just a like a child. Crying over spilled milk...Well some type of alcoholic beverage. Another complete overreaction to excited fans. This dude is the only guy that's ever shouted "Stop it...Yo listen to me, are you listening to me?!" on stage, and not in the hyping up the crowd kind of way either. I'm thinking that everything he does now is a publicity stunt.



If You're Going To Clap, Clap Right:

The star telling his fans how to clap to the beat during his acoustic performance of one of his newest singles 'What do you mean', wow. We already have grammar Nazis, but here's the world's first clap Nazi. Never thought I'd see the day. Justin teaching his fans the art of clapping. I feel like this one was a publicity stunt for sure because the crowd don't seem like they are even clapping off-beat but, what's my knowledge to that of the undeniable wisdom of Justin Bieber.

Whether all this is just a publicity stunt or not, I don't know. But, in my opinion the emergence of his full frontal nude, has kind of revealed his true person(ality). My question is, what will the Biebs do next?