Spanish star Ramiro Lopez tells us how he’s been smashing it in the studio

House | Monday 26th October 2015 | Christina

Ramiro Lopez is one of the most talented rising stars of the Spanish scene – he’s a key member of the Suara family, he has the likes of Carl Cox and Jon Rundell amongst his fans, and he’s released on some of the best labels in the business. Following a massive stint in Ibiza and a packed ADE, we caught up with Ramiro to talk about smashing it in the studio.  

Hi Ramiro, how’s it going? Where are you right now?
Hola! I'm in my studio in Madridejos, a village in the centre of Spain where I live. It's 7:30 am. All good here! I'm looking forward to switching on the speakers and start working.

You played some big nights at ADE with Suara, how was it?
It was fantastic! Suara at Panama club was full from the beginning. It's always big fun when the kitties are partying together. Umek's 1605 event was superb also. It was the first time for me playing with Umek and it was a big pleasure. I played the closing set and really enjoyed it.

What makes ADE so special for you?
I love to meet old and new friends in Amsterdam during these days. Almost everybody from the industry is there so easier to hang with people from all around the world. The city is full of electronic music lovers and you can find events almost 24/7 during the week.

I saw from Facebook that you recently did a tour of India and also made your debut in Greece, do you enjoy the travelling aspect of the industry?
Yes, I love it! Actually, it's one of my favourite things. Meeting new people from all around the world, discovering new places, cultures, trying different food. I'm a lucky guy.

You also had a busy summer in Ibiza, what was your most magical Ibiza moment this year?
Maybe my debut at Space Ibiza. I've been visiting the club for many years and it's one of my favourites. I remember telling a friend years ago: “one day I will be playing in that DJ booth”, and this year the dream came true.

Tell us how you first got into the industry – what inspired you to pursue electronic music?
I've been interested in music since I was a child. I remember making percussion sounds and pretending to be a DJ playing with my toys. But the moment I fell in love with this was when I first went clubbing and saw a DJ perform live.

Your Easy Going EP has recently come out on Toolroom Trax. Talk us through the creative history behind the record. 
The idea is simple: uplifting techno to make people dance and enjoy. I've been testing the tracks out over the couple of last months and always had great reactions. I think Toolroom Trax is the perfect label for this release.

You’ve been busy in the studio consistently releasing EPs – Truce, Inside, Chunky Cattish – are you feeling very inspired at the moment?
Totally. I have many ideas in my mind that I need to express. I love to be in the studio making music, I need it. I have many unreleased tracks I'm looking for the right label to release on, so expect more releases in the near future.

Is a bigger project, like a full album, in the pipeline?
It's something I have in my mind and I will do for sure. I just want to take my time and do it at the right moment. I'm focusing right now on releasing EPs but I think it won't be too much longer before I go for it.

Do you prefer the production side over the DJing side?
I love both and I can't understand one without the other. Again, I need to make music, express and develop myself but I can't live without the vibes of the dance floor. I really enjoy performing.

How does it feel to have support from massive names like Carl Cox?
You can imagine... Carl Cox for example has been one of my idols since I started out as a DJ/producer. Having him supporting my music is unbelievable. I can't explain exactly the felling with words but these things fill me full of good energy to keep on working and improving.

You’ve released on many great labels including SCI + TEC, Noir, Bedrock, Terminal M and Intec, and you’re a key part of the Suara family. What does it mean for you as an artist that you can work with so many different people and labels?
In my case, every one has been like a goal I've reached after a lot of work, step by step. If I'm looking back at the past I feel proud of this. All of them are big labels and I'm happy they like my music but this is just the beginning. There are always goals to work towards.

Is having your own label a goal of yours?
Actually I had one with a friend of mine, Javier Algarra, a year ago. It was a fine experience and learned many things from it but it wasn't the right moment to do it. I'd like to have my own label in the future learning from my mistakes and do it at the right time, but first I want to focus on my career.

It seems to be a great time for the Spanish scene, with guys like Coyu, Dosem and yourself all doing so well. Why do you think it is flourishing now?
I don't really know why it's happening now but I'm really happy to see many colleagues from my country having a lot of success. People like Coyu, Uner, Edu Imbernon, Dosem have been my role models and it's awesome to share points of view and get advice from them. 

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
One of them was the first time I met Carl Cox at Space Ibiza. He played about five of my tracks that night and it was a big surprise. Somebody told him I was there and he invited me to go into the DJ booth and say hi. I thanked him and give him a big hug. The next day I signed my first EP to Intec.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?
Thankfully, I've never had a big problem. Some issues with flights, sound-systems, devices etc. but nothing serious.

How do you define success?
Living off your passion and waking up with a big smile everyday looking forward to work.

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be and why?
Maybe beer! I love it, but not sure if I'd enjoy swimming in it. Could also be dark chocolate.

What is your life motto?
Go for your dreams all the way, be grateful and enjoy the journey. Happiness is on it.

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