YR STORE APP: Custom Fashion At Your Fingertips

Other | Tuesday 20th October 2015 | Eva

The world's first custom fashion brand app was released last year by YR Store, which has already collaborated with some of the biggest and baddest names in footwear.

We all know how hard it can be to make your mark, even by having a unique style or by wearing mix-and-match clothing.

You know how it is: You've got a look in mind, but no brand really puts it out there on point.

YR store (pronounced “your”) is the only place to hit up if you need to customise your style. From t-shirts, summer crop-tops, sweatshirts and tank tops to tote bags and iPhone cases, they'll hook you up with fully customised products.

You can choose from a stack of patterns which will be instantly printed in-store. Or, even better, download the app from the comfort of your couch and get it delivered to your door within 24 hours.

YR store are digital wizards who use a special process called sublimation, which makes the prints both long-lasting and wickedly bright.

You can share your final creation with your friends on Twitter and Instagram too.

Check out the unseen limited edition socks collection here

These unique all-over-print garments can be only be found in London and New York City.

Their stores are all about fun with interactive design stations and friendly staff who will help you with your final choice (with all those colors and motives you'll want to have them all).