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Their phenomenal song Party Rock Anthem which topped the iTunes Charts in seven countries and sold 450,000 copies here in the UK as well as spending three weeks in the national charts. This month we caught-up with rapping, producing, dancing, DJing duo better known as LMFAO!

YEAH BABY! Full scale operation right here!

You’re shuffling your way to the UK right now. You have a new album Sorry For Party Rocking which officially gets released on the 18th of July, sounds like a crazy time for you boys right now?

Ya it’s always been crazy, that’s the thing! Because we get crazy- that’s why we’re lying down because we haven’t been to sleep since last night but the show must go on you know! We actually have a show today in Liverpool, we might do the show just like this (lying down). Lying on the stage, crowds over there- we can’t even see them- but we’re delivering our lyrics just the same!

You both come from music industry royalty; you’re son (Redfoo) and grandson (SkyBlu) of Berry Gordy Jr. who was the founder of Motown. What does he think of your music?

Redfoo: Oh he loves it. We’re teaching him how to shuffle! He came to a show three weeks ago and he was shuffling. And he swears by it he, he was like ‘I’m loosing weight! You guys gotta come up with a workout programme!’.

With your single ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ you secured a record deal with Cherrytree and Interscope  Records. I hear played a part in all that. Can you explain how that came about?

Redfoo: I think I saw Will one Christmas and he was riding around in his Maybach... no his Bentley. Is that the same thing?

SkyBlu: Both. He has them both.

Redfoo: Well whatever it was, it looked like some rich sh*t! And he was like ‘Ya man I like that song man’, because it was on the radio in LA. So I was like, ‘Here man, here’s a CD’ and then he called me about two weeks later (and introduced us to) Jimmy Ivy from Interscope. So we met with him and he was like, ‘I wanna sign you up’. So we said (makes ‘money’ gesture with hand) ‘What you talkin’?!’. And he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!

SkyBlu: That’s the game man!

Your debut album Part Rock was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 and sold over 4 million copies. You describe it as experimental, while this new album, Sorry For Party Rocking is ‘more refined’. What exactly do you mean by that?

Redfoo: I feel we were just making the potion, making the formula, experimenting with the first album.

SkyBlu: Blew-up a few houses!

Redfoo: We travelled the world (DJing) getting feedback on ourselves. So I feel we got more data, more information just to make a potent potion! Just how vaccines and bugs spray has to get stronger each time, that’s how it is man, it’s just stronger! It’s concentrated.

Any interesting stories from the Party Rockers video because you people look like you’re having a lot of fun with that.

SkyBlu: What you mean ‘you people’?! (Laughs) You shufflers!

Redfoo: You know Jesus was breaking it down. He was telling us, ‘The doomsday thing, don’t worry about it, it’s not real!

SkyBlu: It’s not for you guys!

Champagnes Showers’ video is very visually engaging. That guy with the box on his head turns up in it again! What’s the creative inspiration behind the video?

Redfoo: It’s a sequel to the first Party Rock Anthem. It’s the same world. Danger exists in the form of vampires, we’re shuffling zombies, we’ve been infected. Anyone who’s heard the song has been infected. We’re all shuffling zombies. If you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror trying to shuffle, that’s how you know you’re a shuffler! But there are vampires in this world that are trying eat our blood and kill us because shuffling zombies have the best blood. Because we’re athletes, we’re working out! So we fire them off with a little help from Jesus! Because he blesses the champagne turning it into holy champagne and we sprayed the vampire with holy bubbly! We don’t necessary kill them we just change them into shuffling zombies!

It’s unapologetic party music really. Obviously coming from LA, you must be aware of some social issues...

SkyBlu: Crips and the Bloods.

Would you ever consider making music help alleviate those issues?

Redfoo: If you make a song like (sings) ‘Stop the drugs, stops the gangs’...

SkyBlu: ...You’d get shot with that!

Redfoo: They’d probably inject you with drugs and kill you! But the point is that that song wouldn’t live in a lot of places. So it wouldn’t be effective of reaching people. We did a concert, and they asked us ‘When you’re singing Shots can you say “Drink responsibly”’, and we said, ‘By all means, because we are very responsible people!’. So we told the crowd, ‘When you going home make sure you get a cab! Make sure you got your double D with you, make sure you got a hot chick with you but GET A CAB!’. And that’s why we say ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ because we’re sensitive, we understand the neighbours are sleeping! So the least we can do is say sorry! We’re gonna do it! But we’re sorry!

If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

SkyBlu: Go to the ladies locker room after the Victoria’s Secret models played tennis... I’d go to the presidents and see what he does behind closed doors.

Redfoo: Is he sleeping with the wife?!

SkyBlu: Is everything else on me invisible?


SkyBlu: Well then I’d film the president taking a duce and put it on YouTube!

If you could fill a pool with anything, what would you put it?

Redfoo: Jello! JELLOOOOO! And some girls I suppose!

Guys we are not playin’, you need to see this interview online; these guys are crazy! They insisted on doing the entire interview lying down because they were so messed from partying hard. We like their style! Be sure to watch out for the full interview on!