Evans & Peel is the most amazing speakeasy in London!

Other | Wednesday 29th July 2015 | Federica

Speakeasy bars were born during the Prohibitionism, when selling alcohol was illegal. Daring, drink-affectionates would go to these hidden underground places, which only admitted trustworthy members to get some booze, but strict camouflage rules were to be followed. Today, going to a bar to get some drinks is perfectly legal, but if you're looking for a fun night out, a speakeasy is the place you should go to.

Evans & Peel is disguised as a detective agency in the middle of Kensington, but a knock on the right door and a brief interview with a fake investigator will get you right into the bar, hidden behind a bookshelf. 

Once you're inside, you feel like you've been taken back to the '20s: flamboyant chandeliers and lit candles match delicious, classy food and brilliant drinks. If you ask for vintage drinks, such as Jack Daniels, they might come disguised in mugs or hidden in brown paper bags, just like the old time speakeasy use. 

What is most fun though, is that you can keep up the pretense for as much as you like. The investigator at the front office will ask you questions about your 'case', and will explain to you in detail how they're planning to accomplish the mission you hired them for. The staff is all dressed as they were right in the '20s, and even the restrooms are in tune as well. Every detail screams perfection.

The entrance door is a success promise: a small, glass door that only reads 'Detective Agency', in a calm road in the classiest borough of London. The menu is a gem as well, with the first page intimating customers to keep quiet and to have a cab ready at the exit once they decide they had enough drinks, not to draw attention on the hidden bar.

Vintage shows take place in the location during all seasons. The Hemingway breakfast is highly recommended, but all the drinks are actually glassed masterpieces.

Make sure you make a reservation via the bar's website, or by calling 020 7373 3573 so that the investigators can study your case and make up a most entertaining speech. But most of all, make sure you have the best of times at Evans & Peel if you're in London.

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