BassBoomz Portable Speakers

Friday 14th June 2013 | Conor


In a market saturated with products that offer exactly the same features, it takes something special and unique to truly stand out. That is where BassBuds’ portable speakers BassBoomz come in. They are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets in addition to working with an mp3 player via an aux cable, with the cable being included.

They are fully portable with a fantastic battery life (5-6 hours at 70% volume) making them perfect for all occasions. By simply twisting the product, the listener engages the innovative Bass Expansion System which offers deep, rich bass tones and crisp trebles that are capable of rivalling larger, pricier speakers. Housed in a solid aluminium shell, BassBoomz are durable and will be able to withstand frequent use outdoors. They also come complete with a vibration dampening and high grip base, keeping interference to a minimum when used on hard surfaces.

With eight stunning and vibrant colours to choose from, there is a BassBoomz for everyone, male or female. If you can’t decide on one particular colour, BassBoomz have dual connectivity, so customers can mix and match their favourite colour combinations, as well as doubling the sound.

With customer service being a top priority of BassBuds, they aim to dispatch any orders within 1-2 business days, meaning you will have to wait no time at all to start enjoying these fresh sounds. They can be purchased from BassBuds’ website,



By Conor Giles