Cheating boyfriend gets Apple products dumped in bathtub

Tuesday 21st April 2015 | Rhea

What would you do if you suddenly discovered your partner was cheating on you? Dump them on the spot? Confront them? Or take it one step further and get revenge? Over in Japan, one particularly angry girlfriend did just that and with no hesitation dumped every one of the gagdets belonging to her Apple-loving boyfriend she could get her hands on into a bathtub.

In the photo posted on Twitter you can see that she had drowned multiple laptops, tablets and other Apple products in a fit of rage. So far the post has gotten a generally positive response, gaining 15,000 retweets and just under 10,000 favourites. Comments on the vengeful act range from “he absolutely had it coming” to “that’s a huge overreaction”. What would you have done in her position?