EP Review! Destructo – ‘Higher’

Thursday 13th June 2013 | Alex


Can someone explain why I’ve only heard good things about this EP? Gary Richards – owner of record label HARD - is relentless, the sort that’d get booed off stage only to leap back up 10 minutes later wearing a slightly skewed and slowly peeling fake moustache – maybe he’s posting his own write-ups? Or maybe it’s just a good EP.

It’s just so repetitive, but it’s meant to be, isn’t it? Not that doing something on purpose means that whatever it is, it’s fine, but it is as encircling as house music can get. It’s all threatening and jungalistic, a bad-influence meeting of anonymous, heavy wub-wub and harsh ruffles and knocks. ‘Higher’ is an original track and extended, dance-like stabs are abundant and that’s dangerous, but it’s satiating to see Destructo wholeheartedly throw it out later on and do that wonky, technologic thing.

There’s a couple of remixes on there – the Brodinski one’s a spooky thing, flickering somewhere near a Shabazz Palace track, prog house virtuoso Tommy Trash has one on there too and it’s a bit more sexual, advancing from pant to punch after a while. ‘2112’ is the other and it’s just so rotary, don’t panic though, guys! Brittle cowbells and things break it up.

Some of it’s crap, obviously. ‘2112’ is broken up where it ought to be, but it’s by ‘Dictionary!’ sounds – stuff straight from the school keyboard DJ button. And it’s irrepressible – it oversteps itself and becomes a nightmare to stay with. That’s a problem throughout, actually, because loud emotionlessness is spellbinding for a bit, and icy and claustrophobic after that.

If you like EDM you should probably get it, if you don’t.. I’ll leave it up to you, man!



Written by Alex Dean -