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Latitude Festival is fast approaching with the start date of 18th July being a little over a month away now. The festival, which was named as the best family festival at last year’s UK festival awards, is carrying on its tradition of having one of the most impressive line ups of the British Festival calendar. Actually, make that the worldwide festival calendar. With much more on offer than simply music, Latitude is a full blown assault on all five senses, so allow us to guide you through the weekend and recommend what acts you would be a fool to miss out on.


Kraftwerk have taken the idea of a typical live show, written it on a piece of paper, shredded said piece of paper and set the thin strips of normality ablaze and this summer they bring their exceptional live experience to Latitude. Fan or not, it would be ill advised to miss the German electro pioneer’s headline set, a continuation of their recent 3D visual performances. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can always head down and dance like you have never danced before. I’m sure everyone else will.

When and where? Headlining the Obelisk Arena, Sat 20th July


Purity Ring

Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines was released last year to widespread critical acclaim and found its way on to numerous ‘best of 2012 lists,’ stealing Grime’s title as the authority of ‘weird pop.’ An unnerving masterpiece of suspense and eeriness, Shrines was an album unlike any other. As well as laying claim to one of the best electronic records in recent years, Purity Ring’s live shows are a spectacle to behold, employing spectacular lighting effects in an attempt to distance themselves from your typical electronic set making them one of the most exciting live acts around.

Where and where? iArena, Sat 20th July


The Tallest Man on Earth

Kristian Matsson must be sick to death of all the Bob Dylan comparisons that he receives in what appears to be every article written about him. And yes, I am aware of the irony by mentioning it here, but all music critics and fans alike must be forgiven when it is challenging to tell the two apart to say the least. With three studio albums under his belt the Swedish singer-songwriter is going from strength to strength, with his most recent effort There’s no Leaving Now being his stoutest release to date.

Where and when? Obelisk Arena, Sun 21st July


Swim Deep

Straight out of fertile Birmingham (or 'B-Town', 'West Madlands' or whatever you want to call it), Swim Deep create sharp pieces of sun-kissed pop which is infectious and is sure to get you swaying. The perfect band for festivals, Swim Deep's manifesto is “don't just dream in your sleep, it's just lazy” and the young Midlands quartet will have released debut album Where The Heaven Are We just weeks before their Latitude slot so it is a real opportunity to catch one of Britain's brightest young bands at the very start of their career.

Where and when? The Lake Stage, date TBA



Kettering’s four piece outfit Temples are leading the way in terms of the psychedelic revival coming out of the UK at present, and they are a band in colossal demand at the moment. With a packed summer schedule, which includes a spot at The rolling Stones’ Hyde Park gig and pretty much every festival you can name. With their debut single Shelter Song long sold out and now selling at 10 times its original RRP online, the hype surrounding this band is something special, and it is in no way unjustified.

Where and when? iArena, date TBA


The Maccabees

The young upstarts won over teenage fans with the release of their delightful debut album Colour It In whilst 2009 follow up Wall of Arms showed a growth in musicianship which lifted themes and imagery from Arcade Fire. It was with their 2012 masterpiece Given to the Wild that The Maccabees really became of age, though. An exceptional record which delved into the realm of bildungsroman, Given to the Wild ended the year with a Mercury Prize nomination and on the top of many critics' best of the year lists. Having started writing their fourth record already, the band may air new songs at Latitude. Do not miss it.

Where and when? Obelisk Arena, Fri 19th July


Mark Lanegan Band

An alternative rock hero, Mark Lanegan has proved time and time again he is one of the most inventive and intriguing musicians of this generation. Having fronted The Screaming Trees and worked with Queens of the Stone Age, Lanegan has also released seven solo records. The latest, 2012's Blues Funeral, took inspiration from Joy Division's seminal second record Closer and is widely considered the finest work of Lanegan's career.

Where and when? BBC Radio 6 Music Stage, Sat 20th July



Hailing from Derbyshire, Drenge consist of two brothers (Eoin and Rory Loveless) who make minimalistic music with a real primal urge. They are in no way knuckle-headed, though, and the musicianship the pair exhibit on-stage is remarkable for a band so young. Having already attracted famous fans in the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Drenge seem destined for bigger things. If you doubt them, take just one listen to their debut single 'Bloodsports' and be prepared to be won over as Eoin Loveless' scream of “I WANT TO BREAK YOU IN HALF” resonates in your ears.

Where and when? iArena, date TBA


Jagwar Ma

Australia's finest baggy outfit Jagwar Ma are gracing Latitude in one of many British festival appearances this summer. Inspired by the Hacienda, the band infuse trippy beats with psychedelic vibes to make some of the most exciting, forward-thinking and visceral music out there. Their live sets are packed full of vivid imagery and their debut album Howlin was released this week to rave reviews.

Where and when? The Lake Stage, date TBA


Stealing Sheep

Liverpool psych-folk trio of Becky Hawley, Emily Lansley and Lucy Mercer, better known as Stealing Sheep stunned the masses with their debut album release Into the Diamond Sun last year. With mesmerising harmonies to accompany their hazy brand of psychadelia combined with folk and elements of electronica. On paper, it just shouldn’t work, but in reality Stealing Sheep has given birth to one of the most intriguing sounds, and one of the most unique.

Where and when? iArena, date TBA


By Conor Giles and James Rodger


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